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Detox Array

Detox Array
  • Detox Array
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ARG DETOX ARRAY (ARG 777) generates lots of positive and negative ions to help detox the toxins within the user's body. These products last between fifty to sixty times depending on stainless steel for superior performance and longevity. The ARG 777 Ion Array for Foot Detox Machine is one of the few detoxification machines that can be used in the dual user mode. It is made in such a manner that it is compatible and handy when used with multiple detoxification machine apparatuses. The working of the Foot Detox Machine is based on the ion mobilization principle. The apparatus scrubs the foot surface when soaked in water containing aromatic oil, salt and minerals. The additional elements increase the water conductivity and also effects better detoxification of the surface.


  • Effectively eliminates toxins
  • Filter and purify the tap water
  • Fits most deter machines.

IN THE BOX: 1pc Arogya Detox Array

  • Detox Array are basically used in Foot Detox Machines.
  • It helps to cleanse the body by removing toxins from the body.



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  • Item Code: ARG777
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Toxin Removing Machine With MP3

Toxin Removing Machine With MP3
  • Toxin Removing Machine With MP3
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UsageProfessional, Household

ARG -722A Dual Detox Machine is a fast, effective and non-invasive way of stimulating and balancing the bio-energetic. It is strongly recommended that you follow a regular and continuous Detox stimulation and detoxification programme.The Dual Detox Machine ionizes the water in the footbath by the interaction between the arrays, the water and the salt. This results in an electromagnetic field that stimulates your body bio-energetically via the feet or hands. The result is that your body can detox safely and at its own pace, by mobilizing residues and wastes stored within the body. This detoxification happens mainly after treatment and is likely to take place via the organs of detoxification i.e. the kidneys, liver and skin.


· Computer Controlled Operation

· You can actually see live, which body part is being detoxed.

· You can control the level of detoxification for a customized detox session.

· Two persons can do detoxification at the same time.

· Comes with wrist bands for maximum detoxification throughout the body.

· Suitable for clinics, naturopathy centers, doctors and home use.


Helps eliminate dead cells and toxic material from body.

Promotes natural detoxification by magnetic ionization.

Helps in detoxifying liver, kidney and other vital organs.

Effective in controlling Diabetes and Blood Pressure.

Promotes a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.




COLOUR : White



IN THE BOX : 1 pc AROGYA Dual Detox machine with AC wire, 2 pc array, 2 pc wrist band, instruction manual


The Dual Detox machine works on the principles of magnetic ionization. The machine creates negative magnetic field which attracts the positively charged toxins towards it.
· Unpack the AROGYA ARG-722 Dual Detox machine from the product box.
· Plug in the AC wire into the power supply. Switch the master power button on the rear end on. The LED on the Dual Foot Detox Spa machine shall turn on.
· Take any household empty tub and fill it with water sufficient to emerge the water. Please note that after emerging the foot detox machine array, the water level should not go beyond 3/4th the array’s height.
· Add a pinch of common salt in the tub of water. Remember, not adding salt in the water will not start the detoxification. And adding too much salt will also not let the machine detox.
· Connect the dual foot detox machine with the two arrays and wrist bands. Wear the wrist band firmly on your wrist. Ideally, it will help if you put some water on your wrist before wearing the wrist band. The wrist band will aid the detoxification from upper body.
· Now, both users shall immerse their feet in their respective tubs of water, and should be wearing the wrist bands.
· Please note that not wearing the wrist band will not start the detoxification process.
· Press the On/Off button on the Dual Detox Machine.
· Select between the preset modes and set the time that you want the detoxification to continue.
After usage, clean both the arrays and the tub and keep in dry location.


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  • Item Code: ARG722A
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Hydrosana Detox Foot Spa

Hydrosana Detox Foot Spa
  • Hydrosana Detox Foot Spa
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Product Details:

UsageProfessional, Household


AROGYA Hydrosana Detox Foot Spa (ARG705) Ion-cleanse process is an amazing cleansing method for detoxifying your entire body by immersing your feet in warm water while using positive and negative ions from an ion generator. The ARG HydroSana Detox machine massager is designed to remove the harmful toxins from your body through an energy therapy, capable of rejuvenating and awakening you by cleansing your body on a daily basis. This ARG Detox massager draws the toxins out of your system through your feet, therefore releasing all the harmful pollutants absorbed by your body. You can now cleanse and purify your body with this HydroSana Detox machine from ARG.

Ergonomically built to deliver maximal comfort and ease of use, this ARG HydroSana Detox machine is compactly designed, enhancing the portability of this device.


· Purely water reaction without any side effect, safe and effective.

· Improve metabolism, reinforce immunity.

· Deeply protection inner and outer, detoxify kinds of toxins and virus effectively.

· Reduce blood sugar, balance blood fat and pressure , alleviate gout, rheumatism and injuries.

· Moderate the incretion system, balance the pH and keep your body systems in working order.

· Boosts Immune System ,Help remove toxins and body waste products that can cause health problems

· Positive effect on weight loss .

· Rejuvenates and energizes your whole body


· Brand : Arogya
· Model : Arg-705
· Colour : White
· Voltage : Ac 110-240v
· Power : 15w
· Net Weight : 9 Kg
· In The Box : Foot SpaTub, Controller, 1pc Ion Array, Adaptor.

Instructions Of Use

· Open the box and take out the foot tub and all accessories.

· Connect the power line.

· Connect the ion array with the controller.

· Fill the tub with water.

· Press “On/Off” to start the controller.

· 30 minutes is the best time for detoxification.

Immerse your feet in water to begin ion-cleanse.

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  • Item Code: ARG705
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