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Crazy Fit Massager

Crazy Fit Massager
  • Crazy Fit Massager
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AROGYA CRAZY FIT MASSAGER (ARG-727 ) is the wonderful Whole Body Vibration Training system that helps you conquer your Weight loss, Body Shaping and Fitness goals - Very Fast and Easily! The Crazy Fit Massage consists of a vibrating platform that the user stands on or performs exercises on which stimulate muscles in a manner that promotes their rapid development.
The movement of the plate stimulates the body's natural "stretch reflex" which causes a spontaneous muscle contraction.
These strong contractions are able to be repeated at a rapid rate. (This speed and intensity of contraction is not possible purely with a conscious contraction). This assists in achieving training or rehabilitation goals more effectively and efficiently.



·Ergonomic construction with fashionable streamline design.
· Extra large console with 3 LED displayer deliver feedback of TIME, SPEED and BODY FAT VALUE.
·3 build-in workout program, Body Fat Scan.
·Wide range speed accommodate different workout desirous.
· Dual steel frame painted with fashionable color.
·High quality motor deliver smooth workout and able to drive maximum user weight of 150 KGS.
·Overload current protection, anti-jamming, and anti-static


· Increase muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and mobility.

· Wash out lactic acid and other acidic waste from the body.

· Improves blood circulation and metabolism.

· Reduces cellulite

· Helps in weight loss.

· Enhances skin and tissue elasticity.

· Regulates the neural system

· Prevention of osteoporosis through the maintenance of flexibility in the bones

· Anti-stress and relaxation




· MODEL : ARG-727



· IN THE BOX: 1 Pc Crazy Fit Massager with wire.



· Assemble the AROGYA Crazy Fit Massager, which is very easy.

· Plug the massager to the electric socket.

· Stand on the foot board and press the power button to “On” the massager.

· Select the program level according to your need.

· The footplate oscillates at increased levels to enhance and stimulate blood flow and tone the muscle.


· Increase or decrease speed when desired.


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: ARG727
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Magic Massage Belt

Magic Massage Belt
  • Magic Massage Belt
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Product Details:

TypesSlimming Belt, Hot Shaper Waist Belt
Gender SpecificationUnisex

ARG MAGIC MASSAGE BELT is combined with point physical therapy theory and exercise science. It is equipped with slimming and toxin eliminating functions as well as invigorating vibrating massage. By using the principle of centrifugal, it lets you feel its vibration within few seconds. Magic Massage Belt can effectively stimulate the number of fat cells and muscle tissues.


· New design

· Vibration motor at each side, high speed vibration

· Shitasu motor in the middle to massage

· Vibration around waist and shiatsu to lose weight

· Light weight & easy to use


· Magic Massage Belt provides a well balanced treatment, zapping away unwanted fats at your tummy, butt, thighs and other areas more effectively and efficiently.

· Helps in eliminating fat.

· Helpful in relieving body pains.

· Gives relief from back pain.





· COLOUR : White


· POWER : 15W

· IN THE BOX: Magic Massage Belt.


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Body Shaper Slimming Machine (12 Channel)

Body Shaper Slimming Machine (12 Channel)
  • Body Shaper Slimming Machine (12 Channel)
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Product Details:

UsageHousehold, salon , Physiotherapy


AROGYA BODY SHAPER SLIMMING MACHINE (ARG 771) is one of the popular equipment used in various slimming centers. 12 Channel Body Shaper Slimming Machine provides a toner look to the body and can be used for both men and women. It is a versatile appliance that enables you to perform a number of different treatments. It has 12 electronically separated outlets through which you can connect up to 24 pads to be applied for total or local treatment. The diversity of techniques like, individually variable frequencies and individual intensity controls, allows numerous combination for any type of treatment.


· 12 Channels Slimming Machine
· 24 Pads attachment with 10 Elastic Belts
· Ultrasonic Gel
· Three modes: fat loss / inch loss / skin tightening.
· Ideal workout equipment
· Complies with the set industry parameters
· Hassle free performance
· Accurate working
· Advanced technology used
· Precisely designed


  • Figure toning for women.
  • Up lift sagging abdomen, buttocks, thighs & arms.
  • Enhances local break down of fat.
  • Tones the body by three modes: inch loss/ weight loss and fat loss.
  • 24 pads can be used on different parts of the body.



· MODEL: ARG 771




· IN THE BOX: 1ps Arogya 12 Channel Body Shaper Slimmimg Machine, 24 Electrode Pads, 10 Elastic Belts, Ultrasonic Gel and Carry Bag.


· Unpack the Arogya 12 Channel Body Shaper Slimmimg Machine.

· Attach the one end of the electrode wires to the machine and the other to the electrode pads.

· Place the pads on different parts of the body. Use the belts given to hold the pads.

· Make sure that your body is dry before placing the pads.

· Once the machine is started then select from the three modes: fat loss, inch loss or weight loss as per your requirement.

· Apply the ultrasonic gel if required for better results.


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: ARG771
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Morning Walker

Morning Walker
  • Morning Walker
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Product Details:

TypesBasic Walker, Jogger Walker
FeaturesFat/Weight Loss, Multiple Speed
Operation ModeElectric, Automatic, Portable


ARG MORNING WALKER (ARG 725) is a scientifically designed machine which gives you exercise for the full body. By doing so, it gives the benefit of 10000 brisk walk steps in just 15 minutes of operation. The exercise machine promotes general health by increasing blood circulation in the user’s body while toning up the muscles of your body. Morning Walker is an aerobic exercise. The concept of this Walker is based on principle of Gold Fish Movement. This Walker will give the left right swinging motion from toe to head like fish swimming, maintaining the spinal cord and respiratory system in good condition. Home Walker is scientifically designed machine to give relief from various diseases/ailments.


· Increased breathing capacity.
Balanced autonomic nervous system
Improved body fluid base – acid equilibrium.
Enhanced internal organ functions.
Reduced respiratory system diseases.
Strong joints.
Eliminates body fat.
Reduced muscle fatigue.
Relieves back pain, muscle pain and neuralgia.
Boosts blood circulation.
Usable by all age group.
No side effect.



· MODEL : ARG – 725

· VOLTAGE : AC 220-230V / 50 HZ

· POWER CONSUMPTION : Approx. 50 Watts


· IN THE BOX: 1 pc Morning Walker with timer control and instruction manual.


Swing Walker Massager gives a left-right fish like movement to the whole body thereby burning fats and toning up muscles.

· Unpack the Swing Walker Massager from the product box.

· Plug in the AC wire into the power supply.

· Lie down on the floor, put both heels on the curve of foot rest of ARG Swing Walker Massager and relax your body.

· Press the On/Off button on the remote control of the Swing Walker Massager.

· Select between the 6 speeds levels of this Swing Walker Massager. Ideally start with minimum speed, and increase with time.

· Select from the time for which you want the product to run.


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: ARG725
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Sauna Belt (3 in 1)

Sauna Belt (3 in 1)
  • Sauna Belt (3 in 1)
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Product Details:



ARG SAUNA BELT (ARG 764) is a 3in1 version of Slimming belts with Vibration, Heat and Magnetic Therapy. Vibration helps to improve blood circulation and improve metabolism. Heat feature makes you sweat so that you burn fat faster. The well spread out magnets in the Sauna Slimming Belts boost better organ function and promotes weight loss. This Sauna belt can be used for abdomen, hips, thighs and arms. It is also beneficial in back pain and can be used as a heating pad for the back and neck pains. You can enjoy Sauna heat in the comfort of your home!


  • With Vibration, Heating and Magnetic Therapy.
  • Can be used in abdomen, hips, thighs and arms.
  • Use as a heating pad for body aches and joint pains.
  • Universal Size belt.
  • Low Power Consumption and eco-friendly.


· Sweat away unwanted body fat fast.
Ideal for abdomen, waist, hips, back and thighs.
Help to get instant Back Pain Relief
· Burns calories
· Made for men and women, simply wrap the Sauna Belt around your body and with the press of a button you're sweating!
· Keeps skin healthy
· Relief Joint Pains
· Relief Muscles Pains
· Improves Blood Circulation



· MODEL : ARG 764

· VOLTAGE : AC 230V / 50-60 Hz


· IN THE BOX: 1Pc AROGYA Sauna Belt with temperature controller and Instruction Manual with diet plan.


Please drink a glass of hot lemon use before using the product. Please do not use the machine after your meals. To be used 1-2 times per day.

· Unpack the Sauna belt and strap the belt around the chosen body part using Velcro section. The belt should completely surround your body without getting creased, doubled over or folded. Do not strap the Sauna Belt tightly.

· Check to see if your supplied mains voltage is same as that printed on the plug before plugging the device in.

· Make sure the temperature regulator is switched OFF.

· Plug the Sauna Belt into the mains.

· Turn the dial on the temperature regulator to the maximum position so the device heats up quickly. (After five minutes, lower the temperature as per comfort.)

· At the end of the session, towel dry the sweat and wait for 15-20 minutes before showering or having a bath, eating, drinking etc.

Once you have finished your session, take off the Sauna Belt and spread it out on flat surface until it cools down. Then clean it with a damp cloth and dry it. Store in a dry place.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: ARG764
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Vibrating Power Plate

Vibrating Power Plate
  • Vibrating Power Plate
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Product Details:

Model No.ARG781
UsageHousehold, Gym

ARG VIBRATING POWER PLATE (ARG781) utilizes the body’s own reflexes to exercise your muscles in a convenient manner that does not require you to get out of breath.
The movement of the plate stimulates the body's natural "stretch reflex" which causes a spontaneous muscle contraction. The Power Plate is a multi-benefit exercise tool that helps you reach your goals, faster and more effectively.It’s compact and easy to store under a bed or in a closet, with various optional case options for travel and quick, on-the-go workouts. Add the Power Plate to your routine and experience the world-renowned vibration technology.

· Multifunctional Integrated Pattern: Walking, jogging, running, yoga, gymnastics
· High Power Motor
· Resistance Rope: strong buckle to ensure safety.
· Anti Skipping:
· Remote Control
· Advanced Control Panel
· Comfortable Non Slip Board
· Moveable Wheels
· Electricity Protection System
· ABS Alloy Plastic


· Activates entire body, relieve tiredness quickly.
· Excellent body shaper melts away mass body fat.
· Soothes insomnia efficiently, helps you unwind.
· Enhances digestion.
· Increases blood flow to keep you healthy.
· Activates joints, soothes arthritis ache, increases bone density.
· Improves collagen production Increases flexibility.
· The magnetic foot massage will help strengthen metabolism, maintain youthful vigor.
· Sports injury prevention, rehabilitate injuries and ailments.
· Help elasticity on the skin and muscles. Increases muscle strength and performance.
· Prevent fragility from long lacking exercises. Beautify the skin by promoting the metabolism.
· Increase muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and mobility.
· Improves blood circulation and metabolism.
· Reduces cellulite and helps in weight loss.

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  • Item Code: ARG781
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